"One Shared Vision"
Couples Retreat

Scottsdale, AZ

FEB  9TH-11TH 2017




Here’s What This Experience Will Do For You

Imagine being in an entrepreneurial marriage and feeling completely connected in all areas of your relationship. You and your spouse communicate openly about the business, you have fun dreaming about the future, and you feel heard and understood when expressing your feelings. Your love tank is full, and you feel completely supported. You’re a team with one shared vision.

Whether you’ve been married one month or sixty years, whether you feel you're on the same page or drifting apart, this is for you. In this retreat led by Amy and Matt Stefanik you and your spouse will focus on the philosophy, "One Shared Vision."

Being an entrepreneur takes a unique individual and being the spouse to an entrepreneur is an equally unique role. You can at times feel misunderstood and alone. At the Entrepreneur's Wife™ couples retreat, you will learn the skills needed to maneuver through this journey together.

Join us for what’s sure to be a highlight of your marriage and the beginning of many positive changes.

We're going to dive into the entrepreneurial marriage.  In doing so we're going to discover as a group what we're doing right, what we're doing wrong, and how everything can be improved to guarantee a solid foundation to create a happy, thriving, extraordinary relationship with your spouse and greater success for your business and personal life.

Amy Stefanik, Creator/Founder of The Entrepreneur's Wife™

If you're a married entrepreneur your spouse is your business partner whether you know it or not, meaning your partnership in marriage is connected to your partnership in business.  Our goal with the "One Shared Vision" couples retreat is to help you get these two overlapping relationships aligned, in sync, and growing harmoniously.  So join us and come ready to discover a whole new level in your marriage, in your business and in your life.  Hopefully you'll leave as an entrepreneurial couple with "one shared vision" ready to conquer the world together.

Matt Stefanik, The "Entrepreneur" in The Entrepreneur's Wife



Amy Stefanik Amy Stefanik, aka "The Entrepreneur’s Wife™" has been travelling the entrepreneurial journey with her husband Matt for more than 14 years.  She shares her journey of being an entrepreneur’s wife and the struggles that she went through during this time in hopes it will help encourage and inspire other entrepreneurial couples. Her goal is to create a community of like-minded, powerful people to share stories, build each other up, and lend support.  The mission of The Entrepreneur's Wife™ is to encourage, strengthen, and inspire the entrepreneurial family through her "one shared vision" philosophy. Amy wants to help entrepreneurs and their spouses adopt this concept to create closer relationships and stronger entrepreneurial families.


mattstefanikatlanta2Matt Stefanik, aka "The Lifestyle Architect,"is a marketing expert, consultant, speaker, and lifelong entrepreneur. He has spoken at various marketing events around the world including in Atlanta, Cozumel, Tokyo, Las Vegas, Montreal, and London. Matt is the co-creator of Shopify Store Pro - a Shopify educational brand, co-founder and CEO of Ecomisoft - an ecommerce software start-up, and Co-creator of GYMRATED™ - an ecommerce fitness brand.  In 2002, Matt dropped out of college, started his own real estate business, and 14 years later is still successfully self employed.  Matt is a husband, father of three, serial entrepreneur, and lover of comedy, craft beer, and The Ohio State Buckeyes.

The Entrepreneur's Wife Mission...


My hope is that by sharing my journey of being an entrepreneur's wife and the struggles that we went through over the past 15 years, it will help encourage and motivate you if you are in the same place. I want to create a community of like-minded, powerful people to share stories, build each other up and lend support. I would like to make you a part of my life in hopes that you will share yours with me.

Ultimately my goal is to encourage, strengthen and inspire the entrepreneurial family. Together we make a difference and we all work very hard in our roles. I want to help entrepreneurs and their spouses adopt the concept of one shared vision to create closer relationships and stronger families.



In addition to all of the tremendous value you and your spouse will receive at the "One Shared Vision" couples retreat itself, as an attendee you will also enjoy the following extra benefits:

  • Intimate Meet and Greet where you will get to know the hosts, get your swag bag and complimentary beverage at the amazing hotel bar.
  • Breakfast at a fabulous local restaurant with the group
  • Surprise group excursion that is sure to blow you away
  • Fabulous in house lunch from award winning chefs. (as a group)
  • 10% off spa treatment of your choice at the not to be missed tranquil Avania Spa
  • Group dinner at an amazing local restaurant to further connect with the hosts and other entrepreneurial couples
  • Group discussion of the "One Shared Vision" philosophy
  • Complimentary snacks, coffee, and other beverages during the day
  • Entrepreneur/spouse breakaway session with Matt or Amy
  • Send-off social at the hotel bar





Hyatt Regency Resort & Spa - Scottsdale, AZ