What I blog about

I'm an Empathic Entrepreneur with 17 years experience on the entrepreneur journey and a passion for entrepreneurs and their emotional well being! I'm a published author, speaker, wife, and mother. Creator of "The Entrepreneur's Wife™," my aim is to help strengthen and encourage the entrepreneurial family. Through "The Entrepreneur's Wife™," I coach the concept of "one shared vision" - drawing on my own journey from corporate career woman to entrepreneur's wife to a successful entrepreneur and a published author. I've inspired thousands to stay in touch with the big vision, find their passion, create momentum in not only the business but also their relationships, teaching couples they can have both an extremely successful business and hugely successful marriage.

About my family

I’ve been happily married to my husband, Matt Stefanik for 15 years. Well, not always happily. We’ve had some issues, but what we’ve learned in overcoming them enables me to understand those of you who are experiencing the same.

We have one daughter, Julia and two sons, Ben and Ken. We strive to give our children a solid, safe foundation where their dreams can grow and flourish.

We live in Waxhaw North Carolina. In my free time, I enjoy dating my husband, spending time with my children, and I have a huge passion for the health and fitness world. I’m in the gym five days a week.