“Aspiring to Encourage & Strengthen The
Entrepreneurial Family”

The entrepreneur’s wife

Hi, my name is Amy Stefanik and I am The Entrepreneur’s Wife™ – Thanks for visiting! My mission with The Entrepreneur’s Wife™ project is to help encourage and strengthen entrepreneur couples through the concept of “One Shared Vision™.”

Standing Up With Or Without You

Standing up for what I believe in without feeling completely submerged in the emotion that surrounds the topic of marriage is sometimes tricky for me. I believe in marriage. I believe in monogamy and transparency. Pretty simple, you may be saying yeah Amy a lot of...

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Behind the “I Love You”

Until very recently if I said I love you, I wanted to hear an I love you in return. Sometimes when I say, "I love you" to my husband his response is "thank you." Thank you? Is he playing games with me? These two words hurt my insides. Thank you is a ridiculous...

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Breaking The Routine

As an entrepreneur and as an entrepreneur's spouse routines are essential. They keep you on track, and they create a sense of control. My daily methods keep me on task. With several businesses, writing for TEW, three children, and the pulls of life it is imperative I...

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