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The entrepreneur’s wife

Hi, my name is Amy Stefanik and I am The Entrepreneur’s Wife™ - Thanks for visiting! My mission with The Entrepreneur's Wife™ project is to help encourage and strengthen entrepreneur couples through the concept of "One Shared Vision™."

The Entrepreneur’s Journey

I speak with many entrepreneur couples for The Entrepreneur's Wife program, and I get the privilege of hearing so many heroes’ journeys. The stories always include the personal struggles. Why is this? It’s because anything worth having does not come easily. There’s...

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Trip Analysis Can Become Paralysis

When I come home from a trip, I usually start analyzing things. I replay conversations, review connections and sometimes I start feeling inadequate. I'm like man I am not doing enough. I can leave a business trip like the one I just got back from, where I made a ton...

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There are times in life when people show up to test your strength, faith, and peace of mind. I've struggled with not giving someone the power to make me feel bad throughout my life. I believe I control my emotions and I'm responsible for how I show up. If I'm strong...

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