Hi, my name is Amy Stefanik and I am The Entrepreneur’s Wife™ – Thanks for visiting! My mission with The Entrepreneur’s Wife™ project is to help encourage and strengthen entrepreneur couples through the concept of “One Shared Vision™.”


The Unmistakable Entrepreneur Mindset:

  • Permanently exit the “norm” and thrive in your new entrepreneurial lifestyle.
  • Adapt to the ever-changing landscape of the entrepreneurial family to develop a life of harmony.
  • Find your unique perspective to step into your power and own your greatness.

Laying the "Fort Knox" Entrepreneurial Family Foundation:

  • Gain the knowledge needed to speak each other’s language, end the frustration, so you’ll both always be heard, feel loved, and understood.
  • Harness your unique energy to help build the sound relationship you deserve and others will envy.
  • Create blissful life balance by effectively working less, accomplishing more, conquering chaos, and enjoying more quality time.

Building an Unshakable Entrepreneurial Marriage:

  • Develop the core philosophies that will assist you in achieving a rich and fulfilled life or purpose and meaning.
  • Transform “married to the business” to “the secret weapon” and become an unstoppable entrepreneurial power couple.
  • Make your “one-day” dream today’s reality, be fully present, and enjoy every step of the journey together.