As an entrepreneur and as an entrepreneur’s spouse routines are essential. They keep you on track, and they create a sense of control. My daily methods keep me on task. With several businesses, writing for TEW, three children, and the pulls of life it is imperative I stay on task. My morning rituals are a must they keep me grounded and calm. Well, somewhat calm.

Getting out of your routines are equally as important. No, I’m not talking out of both sides of my mouth let me explain.

The routine you have can be one of your most valuable assets. A good routine can allow you to increase your productivity and produce results on a more consistent basis. However, if we are not careful, our normal routine can slowly move us into an average or ordinary life. We are not on the journey for ordinary. No way!

Dan Black the author of Success Quotes says,

Breaking out of your routine moves you outside your comfort zone- A routine can cause you to be and stay in your comfort zone. Breaking free of your routine can allow you to move outside of your comfort zone, into new growth, experiences, and opportunities. Author Neale Walsch says, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

It also allows you to change and adapt- It can be difficult to see more effective and proficient ways of leading or accomplishing a task while in a routine. Moving away from your routine can allow you to see old patterns or habits which can prevent you from moving toward your potential and a better future.

Matt and I travel a lot. Traveling is our favorite way to break the routine. We love a spontaneous day trip, or even an overnight hotel stay in our hometown. Being in a new environment around new people give us perspective, causes us to be more present and allows us to connect.

When Matt first started traveling and going to events, I did not go with him. This was a huge mistake. When you go to events, you meet people, expand your circle, explore, and traveling is inspirational. Matt would get motivated, excited and inspired; he would come home to share his stories, and I would not be on the same page. I had been home with the kids, dealing with real life. Basically, I became the wet blanket. Noone likes a wet blanket.

I can honestly say, not getting on board and traveling together was detrimental to our marriage. Thank God we changed directions and realized that it was a significant shift that had to take place.

If you’ve been in a long-term relationship, whether it feels stuck or not, traveling will always open grounds to growth when you’re on the road. Routine can kill many connections. The everyday life, the stress, the mortgage, the demanding boss — everything that can affect you negatively can be postponed while you’re traveling. So you’ll be presented with a brand new canvas in which you can paint a brand new picture.

If leaving town isn’t your cup of tea explore a new restaurant, park, or area of the city. New scenery can change your life and your marriage.

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    • Michelle Williams

      I saw this photo of you and smiled. My entrepreneur boyfriend and I just returned from a weekend getaway to the Biltmore. We had an amazing 4 days alone, with little work. I will be reading your posts and hopefully gain some insight to marriage with an entrepreneur – I think it’s headed that way 🙂

      • Amy Stefanik

        That’s great! I’m glad you are finding my posts helpful.

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