I’m thrilled I got to spend some time with this powerhouse couple.

Neema and Hamdiya Moore were funny, genuine and amazingly successful. I cannot wait for you to hear their story!

Dr. Neema T. Moore is a Doctor of Chiropractic. She has been in practice for over a decade and is the owner of Manassas Wellness Center in Manassas, Virginia. She also is a co- author of a book I am a Praying Wife and is Co-host on a national radio show, which specializes in helping women entrepreneurs get the tools they need to succeed in business. She is a mom of twins and wife to Hamdiya Moore.

Hamdiya Moore is Partner of Circle of Hope, Springfield Virginia and Houston Circle of Hope in Houston, Texas. He has been a successful entrepreneur for over a decade and is known to create businesses from the ground up and turn them into multi-million dollar companies. He specializes in marketing, and strategic planning. But at the heart of it all is his love for helping people and being of service to the community. Together he and his wife believe in giving back, and they mentor young people throughout the east coast by doing vision board parties to help young people create a vision for their lives.

She can be found @ www.doctorneema.com
Twitter: 1gooddoc
IG: 1goododc

He can be found @ hmoore@circleofhopets.com
Twitter: Hamdmoore
IG: Hamdmoore

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