Have you ever come across something that makes you stop and stand still? That is what happened to me today. I was listening to a book this morning, and I wanted to share something the author said and my thoughts regarding his words.

He wrote:

“We want outside success like in a marriage, our relationships or a successful career, but the universe doesn’t care about our external successes. The universe wants us to have internal success. We care about what we do on the outside the universe cares about who we are on the inside.”

I interject God in the places where he says universe because that is my belief, but the universe, your higher power, God whatever your belief structure is this passage is one that can create pause.

Sometimes we get frustrated because things aren’t happening fast enough for us. I was thinking this morning; maybe the journey isn’t about getting to the beautiful house, fast car, financial freedom, and the living the dream status we speak so often about. Maybe this journey is for molding our inner soul so we can be better human beings, to love harder and more freely, to give grace, to pray more often, to have compassion for mankind.

I get so focused on the success of my brand, my book, and my personal life I forgot that through this 15-year journey I’d been internally molded to be a powerful, loving, selfless, compassionate, empathetic woman. My soul is stronger. I realized that some of the scars I’ve accumulated along the way are not just from falling on this path when things didn’t work out the way I wanted, maybe some of these scars are from falling on my knees in prayer. We typically seek higher guidance when we are in trouble, in need, scared or unsettled. Maybe we struggle on this journey not to get closer to the peak, but so we can stay on our path for our internal growth. Although it has become a cliche to say you cannot take your material things with you when you go, it is so true. In the end, your internal success is all that really matters.

That to me is an extraordinary revelation.

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    • Veronica

      Funny how the universe (God for me too!) puts the message I need to absorb in many places back-to-back. Just read a similar encouragement in “Hustle” by Joshua Metcalf this afternoon. #wisdom

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