We are business savvy, so we all know what an LLC is, right? A limited liability company.

I want to talk about the Relationship LLC, which stands for Loving, Loyal, and Consistent. We all have non-negotiables when it comes to how we’re treated in a relationship. What we’ll let slide and what we will not, what we stand firm on, accept and tolerate. I believe everyone wants healthy relationships. Sometimes we get complacent and take for granted that our actions affect the world around us. We have to take full responsibility for those actions and tweak and modify when needed.

Let’s dive further into this by breaking down the LLC. What does the Relationship LLC mean? Let’s look at each section.

Loving: Coming from a soft place when communicating and in your interactions. Understanding your partner and being selfless. Taking the time to know your partner’s personality and honoring them for who they are. Being kind, compassionate, humble and considerate.

Loyal: Some people refer to loyal as being faithful, but I want to dig in on this one. Loyal to me is also how you act in front of your friends, when you’re away, when on social media, (those comments messages and posts says a lot) in your daily actions, and how you regard your partner with your family. I believe that how you respect and hold space for your partner’s goals and dreams can also be a form of loyalty.

Loyalty can slide with the wandering eye. I read once that when you’re committed, you will not look for the perfection in others.

There are plenty of beautiful people in the world and just like a lovely flower it’s hard not to acknowledge the beauty, but the intention behind the observation is key. Don’t be that guy or gal who is looking out with bad intentions while holding your lover’s hand.

Consistent: I believe that everyone has a love language. Learn your partners and consistently give in the way they need and it will make a huge difference in your relationship. Be consistent in your actions. Being a shape shifter and changing personalities when in a different crowd is not cool. If you are sweet, loving and respectful at home, don’t be cold, flippant and the cool kid in public. It sends mixed signals and breaks down your foundation.

We are human and make mistakes and do not always live up to every section of this LLC. We are more than the white dress and the shiny I do’s. To me, the realness comes in after a few bumps in the road. It’s only then do those wedding vows actually mean something. The LLC is something to strive for, but falling short only makes you a real human being.

The ego is strong and can be a bad influence at times, so be conscious of how you’re acting and own it. Making excuses and not taking responsibility for your missteps will only cause more grief.
Ultimately we want to live in high vibration for the higher good of our relationships. No one wants to have hurt feelings, and no one wants to be the cause of that hurt.

My goal is to make right when I do wrong, love even when it’s hard, forgive even when I’m still hurting and stand firm on my morals. I want to choose to be a loving wife every day. Most importantly I want to adopt the LLC concept internally because if I’m Loving, Loyal and Consistent with myself, I will always be able to pour out what is needed for my partner.

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