I believe that the entrepreneur’s spark can ignite the pilot light of those put in their path.

Some people remember the exact moment when their inner pilot light was lit. You know that moment when you sit straight up, and your head spins from a brilliant idea? The time when the idea washes over you like a chill, and you receive that amazing proposal from the divine. Okay, so maybe your moment was nothing like that. Maybe you’ve always had a little entrepreneurial light burning, that little something inside of you wanting to bloom asking permission to take root in your soul. For me, it was a moment in time that I will never forget.

I always believed there was more out there for me like I was destined for something but I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was. When I met my husband, he was preparing to drop out of college to start a business, but he has always been an entrepreneur. I, on the other hand, didn’t come from an entrepreneurial family – my dad worked, and my mom stayed home and raised her kids. When I met Matt, his way of thinking was very new to me and exciting. I would ask myself, how is this man going to create a business and produce money without a paycheck?
Hearing his dreams over the first couple years of our relationship and watching those dreams come to fruition was powerful. It made me a believer, not only in entrepreneurship but it made me believe in the power of dreaming.

Matt’s entrepreneurial flame ignited my fire and desire to build a legacy, to step out of the box and be different than what I ever imagined I could be.
I might have tried and failed more times than I liked to admit, my inner light might have dimmed and burnt out a few times on this journey, and my belief might have wavered at times. I can say now without a doubt, I created The Entrepreneur’s Wife™ and am building this empire because 15 years ago I tapped into the vision and my fire was ignited.

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