I’m Starving!

Not for the nourishment that comes from a pantry but for the nourishment that comes from a sisterhood.

In a society that is social media driven I’m blessed to have friends all over the world. Women who are mountain moving influential individuals. Going to events allows me to connect with extraordinary people who pour love and energy into their craft, and I gobble them up each time I get to travel. I love hearing all about what kind of movements they are making in their lives. I connect, give contact info and promise to keep in touch.


I miss so deeply the connection that you get from sitting around the table breaking bread, sharing a cocktail and pouring out your soul. Without the worry of competition, stolen clients or a break in conversation to offer a service. I’m starving for real connections. I want to talk babies, husbands, life, business. I want to hear fears, love lost and life gained. I want to ask for advice and not be given a freaking invoice. I want real!

Maybe you have this; if you do, I hope you cherish it every day.

I’m social yes, but uber careful who I let into my personal space. I believe this is one of my problems. I’m guarded, I only let you see so far before I build a wall. That is no way to create depth. I’ve always wanted real friendships but on my terms. Because if I controlled the environment, then I couldn’t get hurt. What I’ve recently discovered is pain comes without control, without the boundaries. Disappointment is inevitable, and if I’m closed up with fear, I can never be as open and loving as I want to be.

I feel like my life aches for real women, women wanting the same connections I do. I want to open my home, host dinner parties, baby showers and give love to those that walk through my door. I want to unapologetically let you see my dusty corners, my dirty dishes, and unmade beds.

I love the incredible convenience of friends on demand with a simple friend request, and I can scroll through my contacts on Messenger and jump on a call to share a laugh. I make a post and have hearts and thumbs up for days, but I need substantial, I need raw. There is something to be said about human touch. The power of a hug is incredible. I believe that fellowship is a lost art but is a necessary part of having a fulfilled life. We are so caught up in the lifestyle, recruiting, clients, quotas and financial status that we have stopped letting ourselves be neighbors. Like call in the middle of the night and pray for my sick child neighbors.

I want more of that! We need more of that.

My goal is to let down my guard and my walls and be the woman I so wish I had in my life. I firmly believe in putting out what you want to bring in, so I’m putting out love for my sisters.

To all the women that my words reach……

You’re extraordinary, compelling feminine leaders. You guys amaze me! Much love, Namaste.

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