There are times in life when people show up to test your strength, faith, and peace of mind.

I’ve struggled with not giving someone the power to make me feel bad throughout my life. I believe I control my emotions and I’m responsible for how I show up. If I’m strong on the inside, I can be unshakable. It is really hard not to let what someone says or does affect you. It can be done; it is possible not to let the actions of others rock your mood. Just like anything else it takes tools and practice. I have in no way mastered this; ultimately, I am a work in progress.

I love, respect and value myself; I will not let anyone make me feel in a way I don’t want to feel. These words have become my mantra.

Recently, I’ve had to deal with some undesirable actions of people who honestly want to tear me down because of their belief in false statements. It’s easy for someone to lie to themselves for so long that their lie becomes their truth. If not careful this negative way of thinking can become an infection, and it can make everyone around you sick. This false truth might feel safe because you are not being held accountable for your life but it is not reality. Real truth promotes real growth.

When I first encountered the ugliness, I wanted to stand up, get ugly in return, defend myself. I felt judged, and I wanted to judge back. I have the means to put up an intense fight, I could cause significant damage but what good would that bring and who would that serve?
I happen to be reading Judgement Detox by Gabby Bernstein during this trial in my life. Isn’t it funny when you are tested it usually occurs when you are about to hit a spiritual growth spurt? Gods timing and guidance albeit painful at times is excellent.

Instead of retaliating I forgave, instead of hate I chose to love, instead of pushing back I decided to lean in. Hurt people hurt people. I know this to be true. I desire to help and encourage and not to release more hate into the world. I’m an obliger, a people pleaser and I want everyone to like me. I hate conflict, so this bump could have tripped me up on my journey for sure. Thankfully I have put the spiritual work in and believe I am at a higher state of consciousness than ever before. I choose to let this go and move on in peace. So today, I am unshakable.

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