You always hear about the entrepreneur’s journey and their climb to the top with all of the pits and peaks that create their heroes’ journey. You rarely hear about the entrepreneur’s family and their efforts and struggles on the road to success. A false belief exists that being with an entrepreneur is highly desirable and that being the wife of a business owner is glamorous and exciting. Sure, it has its perks. But the truth is, that entrepreneurs’ wives are sometimes forced into a life of singularity and loneliness.

Don’t worry it is not all doom and gloom. It is incredible, but in life, there are mountain tops and valleys.

The key is to have the proper tools with you when you find yourself in the valley. I hope that by sharing my journey of being an entrepreneur’s wife and the struggles that we went through over the years, it will help encourage and motivate you if you’re in the same place. Throughout my journey as The Entrepreneur’s Wife™, I’ve had to take an introspective look at myself, face my ego, and even question my purpose, both in the journey and in life. The most valuable lessons I’ve learned during my journey were not discovered on the highest mountain peaks, during the good and easy times.

In my book The Untold Story of The Entrepreneur’s Wife,™ I speak from my perspective of being an Entrepreneur’s Wife. The book details our struggles and successes and the way that it affected our family. Ultimately my goal is to encourage, strengthen and inspire the entrepreneurial family. Together we build the empire. I want to help entrepreneurs and their spouses adopt the concept of “One Shared Vision™” to create closer relationships and stronger families.

Here is what a few highly successful entrepreneurs have to say about The Untold Story of The Entrepreneur’s Wife™.

“Amy Stefanik is a leader and great server of entrepreneurs! She strives to make a positive difference, and her ideas for living a life of gratitude will change your life!”

—Joe Theismann, former World Champion Quarterback
(Washington Redskins) & Accomplished Entrepreneur

“The Untold Story of the Entrepreneur’s Wife is a must read for both parties. Living with an entrepreneur one must be prepared, and Amy’s book gives us real tools to deal with all that is expected, required and needed. Thank you, Amy, for such an informative and easy to read book.”

—Jill Lublin, 4X Best Selling Author, and International Speaker

“If you’re ready to create a life of more joy and happiness, then read and absorb the ideas in this brilliant book by my friend Amy Stefanik. Amy’s stories will uplift your heart and change your life! Every entrepreneur MUST read this book!”

—James Malinchak, Featured on ABC’s Hit TV Show, Secret Millionaire Author of the Top-Selling Book, Millionaire Success Secrets Founder,

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