Honesty time, let me get real!

Part of my love language is feeling important. This is particularly difficult during the times my husband is launching a course, product, or wrapping up an important project.

I’m sure all of the internet marketing folks out there can relate, but surely this is relatable to anyone who has a spouse that is super focused on their business or career. When it’s launch time, family life slows down. It’s all about getting the task completed so that we can move forward.

What happens during this time? I try really hard to be supportive, and laid back (FYI.. being laid back is hard work for me). I know that it is crucial to stay focused.

I have to be honest… it sucks! During launch time his phone is my nemesis and “go time” means “no time” for much else. The distracted blank stares can be a little difficult to deal with. Especially when you’ve carried on an entire conversation and not one word has registered.

Luckily this isn’t an everyday, all day occurrence. I have to remind myself this is not our normal.

So my struggle right now is feeling like the business is more important. In my right, normal brain I know this is ridiculous and a little selfish on my part, but the part of me that functions off of feelings is having a field day with processing the right and wrong way to act.

I know I’m not alone here. I come clean with you about how I’m feeling because there truly is a right and wrong way to act during these times. Communication is key!

I could act like a child that isn’t getting attention and throw a fit. The wrong kind of attention is still attention, right? Or I can be understanding and realize that this too shall pass, it’s really not a big deal, and the outcome is so worth it. It’s important I remind myself that my attentive husband will return shortly. ?

Peeps, I’ve tried both of these routes and trust me the latter is better for all parties involved. Let’s face it, it’s the life we chose. I wouldn’t change it for the world. BUT, there are moments when I want to let my inner three year old out so she can stomp her feet and lay on the ground screaming and crying. LOL!

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