Some people aren’t all they “post” to be.

Can I please get raw-real with you?  How many times have you been scrolling through social media only to to end up with a pit in your stomach?  Do you judge your life by the posts of others?  Maybe this isn’t you, but man it happens to me all the time.

I have such a blessed life and there is no reason I should feel anything but gratitude.  There are days that I get off my phone from scrolling away and I just feel icky and frustrated.  Why is that?  We all know that people only post the best of their lives – the best picture out of the twenty they took, the highlights of their week, and the stories of the success they just had.  Everyone is seemingly happy, confident, and has it all together.  This is how it appears in the live feeds and motivational quotes, right?   I’m so guilty of all of the above.  I too only show you the best of my life, the highlights of the good times.

But let me be honest with you.  I do not have it all together!  At times the vulnerability of making a post or sharing my life is paralyzing.  I analyze it to death and then scrutinize it after I send the post, tweet or video.  I’m my worst critic, but how do we get over placing value on who we are by how many likes we receive?  It’s a real struggle because we live in a world where you can develop a following with a click of a mouse.  This fact is amazing but it can also be deceiving.

We have to figure out how to maneuver through the mine fields of our outside critics.  You know, the people who love to pull on you when you do finally get it together enough to make that post.  Being big and stepping up and out is very scary and I battle with letting my pilot light shine or keeping it dim because being small will keep me in the background and away from the critical naysayers.  Is that truly living though?

It’s a battle, so I’m going to just be real for a minute.  I struggle at times with the success of others, it makes me doubt my own successes.  Is this dumb? Yes, and I know it is.  I read the books I know that it is self destructive behavior but I still feel it at times.  I feel like I’m not meant to be at the grown ups table, at any moment they will discover that I truly do not belong and ask me to leave.  My self doubt all though is unfounded and ridiculous is at times smothering.

I post pictures of my happy, beautiful family.  We are happy, yes and live a life that most do not get to experience. But my kids go crazy and lose their minds.  They talk back and are rude and have moments where they’re disrespectful.  They take for granted what they have and are always asking for more.  Do not even get me started on dinner time and snacks.  Are they sweet little angels? Absolutely!  But they are kids and being a parent is not always as easy as the posts makes it appear to be.

I founded The Entrepreneur’s Wife™.  I write about my marriage and our journey.  We look like we have one solid marriage.  But at times we are not on the sames page, we argue and get angry.  It can get rocky and we are still trying to figure “us” out.  We run several businesses together along with our own personal projects and it is hard.  There is always a pull and tug of what is more important.  We have been together for 14 years and we have to work at our relationship everyday.  We are big on self development, but there are times that all of that goes out the window and it is a little crazy.  Because we are an entrepreneurial family we have a different set of problems and expectations than some do.  We must stay focused, positive and motivated but when we are not right nothing is right.

If you are like me then high five, we are in this together.   If you cannot relate, then that’s awesome too.  I want to meet you.  I really wanted to just share my heart with you and pull back the curtain on my life.

Have a great week, you’re amazing and I believe in you!

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