Have you ever made a bad judgement call or made a decision that seems to haunt you? No matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to shake it. You beat yourself up daily and go back through it over and over? “If only I would have….”

Being an entrepreneurial family there are a lot of trial and errors.  There are times when you fail and hit the ground pretty hard. There are promises of, “this time it will work,” only for it to flat-line with no movement.  It hurts, you feel angry and disappointed.  It is in those moments when what you do next will define and propel you to where you will go.

If we would had given up the first, second, third time things didn’t work out we would not be here enjoying complete financial freedom and living a life that is so blessed.  I do not say this to brag, I say this because IT IS HARD.  The road can be brutal but if you just forgive your mistakes, bad decisions, and poor judgement calls it will be worth it.  It is all in how you mentally prepare for the fight.  Honestly this journey feels like it’s 95% mental.  You must keep your mind right, and you can never stay in the right mindset with the baggage of the past tripping you up.

Let it go!  Do it for you, love yourself, forgive yourself!  My husband was telling me about a book he is reading and in the book it says when negative thoughts enter your mind, envision putting them on a conveyor belt to send them along.  I love that, let those thoughts pass you by.  You are no longer held victim by the past.  Be free!  Today is a new day.

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