I’m super pumped because this is my first day completely all in!  Let me explain.  I’ve worked for a company for the past eight years and on the outside most would say I had an awesome career.  Corporate life was my safety net. When you are in an entrepreneurial family you cling to any form of security and my career did this for me.  Over the past few years I’ve started getting more involved in our family businesses and really going full steam ahead with The Entrepreneur’s Wife™ project.  I know the importance of meaningful work and what this does for your soul.  The Entrepreneur’s Wife™ is my meaningful work.  Writing my book, blog, and connecting with amazing entrepreneurs and their families gives me purpose.

A few weeks back we decided that it was time to make the jump with both feet.  My husband has been telling me for many years to make the transition, but I wasn’t mentally ready.  Sometimes when you fall down and get hurt in this journey it takes you some time to find your footing again.  It has taken me nine years to let go and stand up.

Yes, nine years!  

I’m so thankful that God gave me a safe place to rest with my career, but today I prepare myself to fly again. Personally it has been an amazing journey for me to get to this place and the growth and self work that it took to build my courage will forever be a foot print on my soul.

I know that the lessons I’ve learned are life changing.  Although I wish that they were not as painful as they were; it was necessary to bring me to this place today.  I’ve made a lot of mistakes,  but what I’ve relearned is to love myself, believe, and dream.  It is easy to become jaded and turn cold but this does not serve your greater purpose.  My husband is successful now because he chose to do great things and overcome the pain of failure.  The key word is chose.  I am a believer that it is our choices that guide us in life.  Today I choose to believe in myself and my divine assignment.

The attached picture is from our family vacation this past week. We had just finished an early morning walk on the beach.  There were many moments of complete peace during this trip and I knew that I was in God’s hands. I believe that God will take you so far with showing you proof that everything will be okay, but there comes a time that you must step out without seeing.

This is when your faith and self belief kicks in.

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