This is personal, but I feel the need to share.

I made a post on my personal page regarding a tattoo I got while we were on vacation last week.   I’m not a big tattoo girl, but this one has significance.

Matt and I have been together for 14 years, we have been through major financial hardships throughout our entrepreneurial journey. I write about those struggles and share them freely. The blows we’ve suffered could knock some people down to the point of giving up. We lost everything, we started over more than once, we clawed and scratched our way out and climbed back on top.

A fight like that does not happen without some battle wounds.

After we were back on top and Matt’s businesses were successful again and financial worries were no longer an issue; the wounds that we accumulated were too deep to just heal on their own. When you are hurt you hurt people. Matt and I have hurt each other, we made mistakes. We almost lost the most important thing in the world, each other. We let things build and we let hurt feelings fuel a desire to hurt back.

I’ve said this before but it’s SO important especially in the entrepreneur arena. What is the point of success if you get to your destination turn around and you’re alone? How awful to have your family be a casualty of the grind.

I say all this to tell you, we battled our way out of financial hardship many years ago but there is nothing that compares to the war of battling our way back to each other.

A lot of time has passed and we are stronger than we’ve ever been. We’ve grown as a married couple and as individuals. I know that we went through the hard times to be able to relate and lend support to other couples trying to make it through this journey together.

My tattoo is to signify that time in our lives. It’s a reminder to stay present, communicate, love unconditionally, and never take one second for granted.

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