Moment of growth, and years of struggles.

I’ve come to a place in my life, call it maturity or maybe call it boundaries. I’ve come to this place where the desire to chase people is no longer an option. You see, I’ve been a chaser, a people pleaser a, please love me kind of woman. Once I started to love myself, I could no longer be okay with this part of who I was. When I find myself leaning into the feeling of needing someone to like me, love me, validate me, want me in their space, something inside me pushes into that lean and says: No! Enough!

I know my life’s mistakes, my missteps, my wrongful acts, and dusty dark corners and I love me anyway. I love myself because on the other side of all that is a beautifully imperfect soul that gives, loves, forgives, and honors. I’m a good friend. I love myself enough to say, no matter who you are if you choose and it is your choice if you decide not to respect me, love me, and be grateful of my presence than I will no longer continue to share space. It isn’t out of spite or anger it’s out respect for myself. It’s the boundaries I set for myself because the chase is just not worth it anymore.

Everyone deserves to be desired, to be invited, to be honored, and respected. It is a human need to be loved and validated. I choose to build my circle with people who know this and give freely without condition. I read this quote the other day, and it spoke to my heart.

I pray you attract people that speak your language – so you don’t have to spend a lifetime translating your soul. ~ Kelly Benamati

Morning Affirmation:

Today I open my eyes to a new day of Light and Love. I focus on my highest good in everything I do. I will maintain peace and harmony within my inner being, and not allow outside circumstances to disturb my happiness. I honor my sacred life, and am grateful for everything I have.

Go out and slay your day!

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